Short and Long-term Travel Insurance Services

Just as we all need Salt to sustain our lives, SALT Insurance Services Limited will be there for you when it really matters.

As a specialist Broker, we provide emergency medical and travel insurance for Charity workers, Aid workers, missionaries, church groups and individuals who are residents of the United Kingdom travelling overseas, whether on a Short or Long-term mission trip or just for your annual holiday. We are committed to offering the best value for money policy because we understand your needs. We have a heartfelt desire to serve you and provide you with a personal service.

Our team has nearly 15 years experience of providing insurances to the mission world and together with our underwriters, understand the needs of the missionary overseas.

Ethics and Values

For SALT Insurance Services Ltd, everything we do flows from our faith which makes us distinctly different from almost every other Insurance Intermediaries. We aim to place the Lord Jesus Christ at the centre of our business, with the goal of seeing lives changed as a result of the work of the churches and organisations we serve, and by the profits we give away to support mission.

Our ethics and values follow naturally from this aim…

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Salt Insurance Services Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Our registration number is 591051.

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