Spring Harvest is an event for people of all ages and church backgrounds and features inspirational Bible teaching, seminars, and spirit-filled worship. It’s a unique break for all the family: holiday, festival, conference & an encounter with God.

Spring Harvest is a teaching and worship event for everybody.
It's a uniquebreak for all the family: holiday, festival, conference, an an encounter with God.
Join thousands of christians for life-changing days of learning, growth and spiritual refreshment.
Our twin priorities are to deliver excellent Bible teaching and seek God’s presence through Spirit-led worship. Top Bible scholars will help us better understand God’s word – and gifted lead worshippers will help us honour and draw near to our holy God. 
All ages and abilities can learn in their own way, as the event theme runs across the whole age spectrum and throughout the day. The event is accessible for all, with top quality content in children’s and youth programmes and provision for people with disabilities and additional needs.
Whether it’s on the beach, in Splash Waterworld, at the fairground or an All-age Celebration, enjoy quality time with family and friends. Your Butlins accommodation will be clean and well-maintained - choose a simple low-cost room or a spacious apartment. Dining packages can be added if you wish.  


We'll be exploring different ways to worship and pray, discovering how we can make space, physically and mentally, to meet with God in our everyday lives, wherever we are.
Our case study is Moses. The long-lasting impact he made for the kingdom of heaven started when he met with God at the burning bush. From that encounter he was emboldened to speak up and stand up for the freedom of his people. God continued to meet with Moses and chose to work through him in astounding ways, not solo, but as part of a team that made history together.
God is the ultimate game changer.
Wee want to create space to encounter him. By that encounter, we are equipped to engage in our world and empower others to join in. We become a team of game changers in our society, ransforming communities in the name of Jesus.  

"The best holiday ever I give it 10/10. Number 1 on my list for a great christian holiday"

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